Book Review: A Stillness at Appomattox By Bruce Catton

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Stars

If you are unfamiliar with Bruce Catton, he was arguably the most renowned and well-respected Civil War historian of the 20th century. His works have stood the test of time, even forty years after his death. In his last installment of the “Army of the Potomac Trilogy”, Catton tracks the end of the war from the summer of 1864 to the surrender at Appomattox in April of 1865. Told with stunning clarity and amazing narrative, Catton weaves the successes and failures of both armies through the dying days of the war. While I don’t love to give perfect ratings, it would be utterly pretentious for me to give this masterpiece anything less than a perfect rating. It is geared towards the enthusiast, but I feel anyone with a passing interest in the Civil War would thoroughly enjoy the book.

Published by TheOddPast by Matthew A. Perry

Writer, teacher, broadcaster, and podcaster from West Virginia. I write about and discuss the wacky and weird side of history on my website and my podcast "The Odd Past Podcast" available everywhere

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