Herd Trippin’ Post Three. Hello San Diego

Game 1

Viejas Arena on the Campus of San Diego State University

After a long night driving through the deserts of New Mexico, and an unexpected snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, we watched the sun rise going into southern California. We had our GPS set for our cousins’ ranch about thirty minutes outside of San Diego. Our plan was to arrive at the ranch and actually sleep in a bed for a few hours before heading to the arena. While we were driving, we were asked by two newspaper outlets to give an interview about our trip. This trip took on a life of its own, though twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people were following our trek to see the Herd. Arriving around 10 a.m. Pacific at the ranch, we were happy to see the serene beauty of the Southern California countryside.

San Diego 1

The beautiful Daley Ranch of Jamul, California. Photo courtesy of the Daley, Dennison and Swanstrum Families

After a great lunch and a quick nap, we were whisked away to downtown San Diego to the campus of San Diego State University. I was blown away by the beauty of the campus, the Spanish architecture and the surrounding hills were breathtaking, and the arena being nestled perfectly on the campus was the icing on the cake.

Game 8Game 7Game 2Game 3

Before watching Clemson and Auburn in game #1 on the day, we met with Doug Smock of the Charleston, West Virginia Gazette to speak about our road trip. We had an enjoyable and interesting time being interviewed for a featured story in the next day’s paper. You can read the piece here https://www.wvgazettemail.com/sports/marshall_university/wvu-marshall-in-san-diego-brings-out-the-green-clad/article_59738bd9-870f-5315-b997-e9f5961bd4eb.html. Thanks to Doug for doing a story about our trip!

charleston gazette

Kelly and I on the Sports Page of the Charleston Gazette. Photo Courtesy of Doug Smock and the Gazette.

Finally settled in our seats, we watched Clemson demolish Auburn in the opening game, but the entire time we were anxiously awaiting the main event. The arena was electric, and nearly sold out from the looks of it by the time the Herd and Mountaineers took the court. There was a massive influx of Green on the right side of the arena, while the old gold and blue took up a section on the left. Every San Diego native I talked to was rooting on the Herd, and that was evident when the teams were announced. The Mountaineers received hearty boos, while the Herd was the Cinderella darling after knocking off the Shockers two days previous.

Opening Introductions and my kind reminder that Marshall actually had kids from West Virginia on their team.

Game 9Game 6Game 11

There is not much to say about the game, Marshall came out hot, but went ice cold mid way through the first half. West Virginia played their game and put the Herd away. While it was not the outcome we wanted, it was simply part of the adventure. Licking our wounds, and heading back to the ranch, we planned our quick nap before heading back east. Tomorrow, we explore the beauty of Arizona and head to the Grand Canyon.


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