Adolf Hitler was More Weird Than We All Thought

Strange Facts about Adolf Hitler


In my opinion, Adolf Hitler was a monster. How he rose to the position he did and amassed such a following is an enigma to me. Perhaps he just found the right group of people who harbored the same hates and prejudices within them. This is not an article to discuss him in depth, we do not have that kind of time. This is just a collection, of odd facts about Hitler that would no doubt make a psychologist go hmmm….

Hitler’s grandmother was employed by a Jewish family from Graz, and it is rumored that the son of that family, Leopold Frankenberger, impregnated his mother. Although no official record of this can be found, Hitler’s confidante Hans Frank who was a Nazi official has made this claim. I would imagine that if there were a shred of truth to this that Hitler would have made sure any possible record of this was destroyed. The man who raised Hitler was a cruel man, and he beat young Adolf for not doing well at school. Frank stated that Hitler intentionally did poorly at school and acted out because his father would not support his desire to study Fine Arts. After his father died his performance at school greatly improved. He was however rejected twice when he attempted to enroll at a school for the Fine Arts in Vienna.  Could the monster who was responsible for the death of so many Jewish people have had Jewish blood in his veins?


Another childhood friend of Hitler, August Kubizek stated in his book “Adolf Hitler, My Childhood Friend” asserts that Adolf was wildly in love with a young Jewish girl, Stefanie Isak. She was a year older than Hitler and in a higher social class, and Kubizek states that Hitler loved her to the point of suicide even though he never spoke a single word to her. He would try to approach young Stefanie, but would back out at the last minute and say he would “talk to her tomorrow.”  He would watch her pass in her carriage, and if she smiled at him, he would be wildly happy till the next day, if there was no smile he would be equally despondent and talk of suicide. He planned to kidnap Stefanie and kill her, then kill himself; I do not know why he never acted on this plan.

The man who could have millions of Jews slaughtered without a qualm would not eat meat because he claimed to be against animal cruelty. Albert Spier, in his book “Inside the Third Reich,” stated that no one could eat meat in front of him because he would launch into a gruesome diatribe about animal cruelty and explain in great detail how they were slaughtered. However, it is felt that his issue with eating meat was a psychological reaction to his niece’s death and not true love of animals.

Hitler had a half-sister Angela whom he employed as a housekeeper at his Bavarian mountain retreat. She had a young teenage daughter named Geli Raubal. Hitler took a shine to young Geli and moved her to an apartment in Munich away from her mother’s watchful eye. He took her to meet s with him and paraded her about town. They had a stormy relationship, they were both jealous, she of Eva Braun and he of any man who showed her the slightest attention, and she was a pretty and charismatic girl. She found him suffocating and ironically he would not allow her to attend the college for Fine arts in Vienna, the same one his father would not allow him to attend and then ultimately rejected him twice. It is uncertain whether he had intercourse with Geli, He had lost a testicle in WWI, and there were rumors that he was homosexual or asexual. He would state that he was wedded to the German nation and did not have time for women. Geli would claim that he made her do things that sickened her, but she would not elaborate. In 1929 Hitler wrote such an explicit letter to Geli that it could have ruined his career and he had to get a Catholic priest named Father Bernhard Stemple to retrieve the letter from Geli. Strangely right after doing this, the priest was found with a broken neck and three bullets in his heart.

On September 18, 1931, Geli was found dead from suicide in Hitler’s apartment. Right before this, a loud and terrible row was heard from the apartment with Hitler leaving and shouting “for the last time, No”! as she slammed the door behind him. It was rumored that the passage of the bullet was not consistent with suicide but the first policeman on the scene, Heinrich Muller, was later made head of the Gestapo. Hitler became very depressed and stated that the sight of meat reminded him of Geli’s corpse. He sealed her bedroom off as a shrine and moved on to fulfill his evil destiny.

Obviously, the man who loved Disney, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs being his favorite was a complex and psychologically unstable man.  Was he pure evil and vengeful, or was he insane? I guess that the answer to that question will not undo his evil deeds.



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