Jack the Ripper Identified?

Artist’s Rendering of Ripper suspect Aaron Kosminski

One of the most baffling and debated topics for any true crime aficionado is the identity of Jack the Ripper. Today, March 18, 2019 news outlets from all over the world have reported that the case may finally be solved. Using DNA found from Ripper victim number four, Catherine Eddowes evidently points to a Polish Barber who lived and worked in the Whitechapel neighborhood of London, Aaron Kosminski. A Barber would have the access and training to slit the throat of these women, and more than that points to him. The DNA evidence has been published in a Peer Reviewed article in the Science Magazine that leads directly to the barber. The circumstantial evidence also strongly indicates to the barber. The murders occurred between 1888-1891, and this was the period that Kominski’s family saw a sharp decline in his mental health. Kosminski hated prostitutes and railed and ranted about them regularly, many detectives on the case point to a Polish Jew as their leading suspect, and the most damning evidence, the year he was finally committed to an insane asylum, the murder’s stopped. This is a developing story, but the prospect that after 130 years of being hidden, that Jack the Ripper has finally been identified is a massive story for all true crime enthusiasts.

Published by TheOddPast by Matthew A. Perry

Writer, teacher, broadcaster, and podcaster from West Virginia. I write about and discuss the wacky and weird side of history on my website www.theoddpast.com and my podcast "The Odd Past Podcast" available everywhere

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