Classified Ad Rapist Set for Execution

Long is from my hometown which led me to write about his upcoming execution in the local paper

Long at the Time of his conviction

Special Thanks to the Tampa Bay Times for Dates and Information used in this Article
A thirty-five-year long nightmare is finally set to come to a conclusion for nine families in Florida. This past week, Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed the death warrant for convicted serial killer Bobby Joe Long. Arguably the most notorious Wayne County native in the last one hundred years Long is set to take his final breath in late May. The native of Kenova Long is an interesting case study in criminology. One of the most telling predictors of future serial killers or people with aggressive tendencies is known as the Macdonald Triad. The three aspects of the triad are animal mutilations, arson, and traumatic head injuries. It is unknown for two, but Long had multiple head injuries throughout his life with experts believing that, along with family issues, led to his deviant behavior. Long moved around in the 70s and 80s, from California to Florida, but already his behavior was rearing its ugly head. It is believed that he was responsible for numerous sexual assaults in California from answering classified ads from local newspapers. Moving to Florida in the early 80s long showed the classic escalation from sexual assault to murder. In 1984 he began prowling Tampa looking for women walking along the highways. In what became national news, Long sexually assaulted and killed nine women in 1984. Long was tracked down by local authorities with the help of a woman who got away from him, and that was his undoing. Put on trial in 1985 he pled guilty to all charges and was sentenced to death. Some thirty-four years later he is still on death row, but it seems that his time has finally run out. The May execution will finally bring closure to the lives of nine families who were torn apart by this monster.

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