Break the Stigma During Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month May is Mental Health Awareness Month in North America, and in honor of that, I would like to do my part to “break the stigma” of mental health and mental health discussions. leads the way with the “Break the Stigma” Campaign, and it is a crucial way to bring theseContinue reading “Break the Stigma During Mental Health Awareness Month”

The Mysterious Fire in a small West Virginia Town that remains unsolved to this day

A WV Christmas Mystery On Christmas Eve 1945 George and Jennie Sodder were sleeping in their bed after celebrating with 9 of their ten children. They assumed that all their children were tucked safely in their beds and that their house was safe and secure for the night. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and that nightContinue reading “The Mysterious Fire in a small West Virginia Town that remains unsolved to this day”

Children for Sale!

Children for Sale: desperation in the face of poverty or a cold-hearted mother? In Indiana in 1938 things were hard. The nation was in the grips of the Great Depression; people were out of work and hopeless. You here many old timers tell stories of how they grew up poor but that they knew theyContinue reading “Children for Sale!”

Classified Ad Rapist Set for Execution

Long is from my hometown which led me to write about his upcoming execution in the local paper Special Thanks to the Tampa Bay Times for Dates and Information used in this Article A thirty-five-year long nightmare is finally set to come to a conclusion for nine families in Florida. This past week, Florida governorContinue reading “Classified Ad Rapist Set for Execution”

Jack the Ripper Identified?

One of the most baffling and debated topics for any true crime aficionado is the identity of Jack the Ripper. Today, March 18, 2019 news outlets from all over the world have reported that the case may finally be solved. Using DNA found from Ripper victim number four, Catherine Eddowes evidently points to a PolishContinue reading “Jack the Ripper Identified?”