Numbers Stations

I promise, I never thought I would be the guy sitting in the corner with his tin-foil hat on, but here we are. Asking a young Matt and once I would have scoffed at the idea of massive government conspiracies, why would the government do things behind our backs? My God I was an idiot.Continue reading “Numbers Stations”

The Demon of the Night

It all started for myself when I had a traumatic experience working for the local Police Department. My local PD made Andy Griffith look like the big city, we only really dealt with drunks, speeders and the occasional domestic violence call. I had crisis training, but it was never put into action until one fatefulContinue reading “The Demon of the Night”

Aztec Sacrifices

Staff Writer: J. Perry Why The Aztecs Cut Out Human Hearts What would you do to ensure a good crop yield? Fertilize the soil and water, ensure no pests gobble them up and rip up any pesky weeds? What if I were to tell you some folks would rip out your heart and offer itContinue reading “Aztec Sacrifices”

Urban Legends: The Phantom Hitchhiker

As a fan of ghosts and urban legends, there is nothing more interesting than studying how far and wide a story can spread, what changes over the tellings and the differences from each other. One of the most well-known urban legends is the story of the vanishing hitchhiker, and what inspired me to write thisContinue reading “Urban Legends: The Phantom Hitchhiker”

The Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House, Spiritual Hotbed or shades of the DaVinci code? By Sherry Michaels Perry Winchester Mystery House, Photo courtesy of Wikimedia In 1884 construction began on a house in California, and a prevailing mystery began. Sara Winchester, widow, and heir to the massive Winchester rifle fortune moved from New Haven after she lost herContinue reading “The Winchester Mystery House”