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The American Civil War produced a multitude of curious and exciting personalities, arguably the most infamous spy during the entire war called what is today West Virginia home. Isabella “Belle” Boyd was born in the eastern panhandle of Virginia (near Martinsburg) in 1844, nineteen years before West Virginia statehood. She was a fervent supporter of […]

When many people think of the Underground Railroad used in the decades before and during the American Civil War, they think of the famous conducted Harriet Tubman helping escaping African Americans from the deep south reach the safety of the northeastern states. While the northeastern states played a vital role, often the role of Western […]

By Sherry Michaels Perry If there is one person in this world that should supply you with unconditional love and protection, it is your mother. She should always be your safe place, your protector. The sad reality is that this is not always true, and in extreme cases, your mother can be the most dangerous […]

By: Sherry Michaels Perry Licensed Nurse Practitioner and Medical Historian As a nurse of 32 years, I have seen people join the profession for a number of reasons. The most common of these reasons is the desire to help people and make a difference in their lives. I have also met nurses who freely admitted […]

Total Envelopment: The Destruction of the Roman Army at Cannae By Matthew A. Perry Battle of Cannae Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia   Ancient warfare was much different than the modern form of combat that soldiers know today. Very often, soldiers are hundreds of yards away from each other when hostilities begin, but in ancient warfare, […]

Strange Facts about Adolf Hitler In my opinion, Adolf Hitler was a monster. How he rose to the position he did and amassed such a following is an enigma to me. Perhaps he just found the right group of people who harbored the same hates and prejudices within them. This is not an article to […]