Numbers Stations

I promise, I never thought I would be the guy sitting in the corner with his tin-foil hat on, but here we are. Asking a young Matt and once I would have scoffed at the idea of massive government conspiracies, why would the government do things behind our backs? My God I was an idiot.Continue reading “Numbers Stations”

How to travel the country on a budget

Hello Again, This week I am writing to you from the road, and the road is what has inspired me to write this article. You can look at this article as some friendly advice from a guy who has lived it and has realized the true value in traveling with your family. This summer, orContinue reading “How to travel the country on a budget”

The Civil War General Who Called an Entire City of Women Hookers

Thanks to for the use of the Butler Photo The American Civil War is full of wonderfully bizarre characters, the reason for this is because it was very much a “citizens” war in many aspects. While the career soldiers and West Point graduates did play a massive role in the conflict, countless men wereContinue reading “The Civil War General Who Called an Entire City of Women Hookers”

The Truth Behind Paul Revere’s Ride

History is a fickle mistress; she can make or break you depending on a multitude of factors. Throughout the annals of recorded history, there are many people who are famous for something they either didn’t do, or their contributions were widely blown out of proportions. One of the most glaring examples of proportion exploding isContinue reading “The Truth Behind Paul Revere’s Ride”

Colonial America Fishing

  All photos used by share and share alike from wikimedia Fishing, it is a past time enjoyed by millions of Americans in the 21st century, it has evolved into a billion-dollar industry throughout the country, and the world for that matter. Many fishers are obsessed with owning the newest rod and reel combos, orContinue reading “Colonial America Fishing”