Children for Sale!

Children for Sale: desperation in the face of poverty or a cold-hearted mother? In Indiana in 1938 things were hard. The nation was in the grips of the Great Depression; people were out of work and hopeless. You here many old timers tell stories of how they grew up poor but that they knew theyContinue reading “Children for Sale!”

The Siren of the Shenandoah: Belle Boyd

The American Civil War produced a multitude of curious and exciting personalities, arguably the most infamous spy during the entire war called what is today West Virginia home. Isabella “Belle” Boyd was born in the eastern panhandle of Virginia (near Martinsburg) in 1844, nineteen years before West Virginia statehood. She was a fervent supporter ofContinue reading “The Siren of the Shenandoah: Belle Boyd”

The Underground Railroad in West Virginia

When many people think of the Underground Railroad used in the decades before and during the American Civil War, they think of the famous conducted Harriet Tubman helping escaping African Americans from the deep south reach the safety of the northeastern states. While the northeastern states played a vital role, often the role of WesternContinue reading “The Underground Railroad in West Virginia”

Cannibalism at Jamestown Colony

Throughout the ages of the human experiment, there have been times when people have been faced with indeed a terrifying prospect. It is taboo, almost too taboo to even fathom, but there are multiple instances throughout history where cannibalism has been practiced. It is something the ordinary human doesn’t want to think about, carving upContinue reading “Cannibalism at Jamestown Colony”

The Civil War General Who Called an Entire City of Women Hookers

Thanks to for the use of the Butler Photo The American Civil War is full of wonderfully bizarre characters, the reason for this is because it was very much a “citizens” war in many aspects. While the career soldiers and West Point graduates did play a massive role in the conflict, countless men wereContinue reading “The Civil War General Who Called an Entire City of Women Hookers”