The Dancing Plague of Medieval Europe

In the early years of the 16th century, one of the most bonkers and truly odd events in history took place. In the Holy Roman Empire, in modern-day France, there was a spontaneous outbreak of….dancing. Seriously, dancing. This wasn’t just a Medieval nightclub though, the dancing spread throughout the towns and countryside, going on forContinue reading “The Dancing Plague of Medieval Europe”

The Black Death

One aspect of the past that often goes overlooked by modern people is just how absolutely disgusting life was during the past for our ancestors. During the classical period, there were modern advancements to sanitation in cities such as Rome and Athens where they had running water and proper toilets, but when the Roman EmpireContinue reading “The Black Death”

The Great Pestilance

The Great Pestilence By Sherry Michaels Perry In the mid-1300’s a devastating plague raged across Europe, leaving millions dead. There was no treatment, and superstition and panic held sway over the helpless population. This was the Bubonic Plague or the Black Death, also known as, The Great Pestilence. It spread quickly and caused rapid death;Continue reading “The Great Pestilance”

The Blood Eagle: When the Vikings Sentenced You to Death, They Didn’t Mess Around

The Blood Eagle The Vikings, the word conjures images of bloodthirsty Norsemen storming the beaches as unsuspecting residents cower in fear. While this did happen, the real story of the Vikings is much more complicated; they weren’t mindlessly raping and pillaging throughout Europe as the old books and movies would have you believe. The VikingsContinue reading “The Blood Eagle: When the Vikings Sentenced You to Death, They Didn’t Mess Around”