Historical Conspiracy Theories: Pearl Harbor Was Allowed

Welcome to our first installment of a new feature here on theoddpast.com, historical conspiracy theories. History isn’t always as cut and dry as your history teachers, or the popular media would have you believe, there are still shades of gray in between the white and black of the past. While we will be covering allContinue reading “Historical Conspiracy Theories: Pearl Harbor Was Allowed”

The Polio Epidemic of the Early 20th Century

This is a guest post from Licensed Nurse Practioner and medical history nerd, Sherry Michaels Perry.   In the early 20th century summer was a scary time. Families would isolate themselves in their homes, not allowing their children to play with other children. There would be no public functions and no swimming in an openContinue reading “The Polio Epidemic of the Early 20th Century”