Urban Legends: The Phantom Hitchhiker

As a fan of ghosts and urban legends, there is nothing more interesting than studying how far and wide a story can spread, what changes over the tellings and the differences from each other. One of the most well-known urban legends is the story of the vanishing hitchhiker, and what inspired me to write thisContinue reading “Urban Legends: The Phantom Hitchhiker”

The Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House, Spiritual Hotbed or shades of the DaVinci code? By Sherry Michaels Perry Winchester Mystery House, Photo courtesy of Wikimedia In 1884 construction began on a house in California, and a prevailing mystery began. Sara Winchester, widow, and heir to the massive Winchester rifle fortune moved from New Haven after she lost herContinue reading “The Winchester Mystery House”

Trans ALlegheny Lunatic Asylum

Guest Post by Medical Historian and Licensed Nurse Practitioner, Sherry Michaels Perry, you can email her at psherry480@gmail.com with questions, comments or story requests. Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum In the sleepy little town of Weston, WV stands a huge Gothic Revival Building. It was built between 1858 and 1881 and at one time consisted ofContinue reading “Trans ALlegheny Lunatic Asylum”

History of Mental Health Treatments

This is a Guest Post from Licensed Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health History Nerd, Sherry Michaels Perry All Photos Courtesy of cvltnation and Americas Most Haunted.com The mental health field has changed a great deal since the 1800’s. Back then, you could be committed for almost any reason. A husband could commit his wife forContinue reading “History of Mental Health Treatments”

The Greenbrier Ghost: The Strange Tale of a West Virginia Murder and the Spirit Who Looked for Revenge

Victim Zona Heaster Shue. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia share and share alike license One of the most important lessons I teach my students each year is the ability to recognize and discover bias in historical works. It is vital to understand an author’s bias so their work can be judged accordingly since I am awesome,Continue reading “The Greenbrier Ghost: The Strange Tale of a West Virginia Murder and the Spirit Who Looked for Revenge”