The Huntington State Hospital Fire. Huntington, West Virginia 1952. (Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital)

Photo Courtesy of WVDHR Huntington’s Home for Incurables Posted by Medical History Staff Writer Sherry Michaels Perry In 1897 the WV Legislature designated a building and 30 acres of land on Norway Ave as the “Home for the Incurables”. The name has changed a few more times since then from the “WV Asylum” to HuntingtonContinue reading “The Huntington State Hospital Fire. Huntington, West Virginia 1952. (Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital)”

Bedlam Hospital

Guest Post by Sherry Michaels Perry Bedlam: The Dark Past Bedlam or Bethlem Royal Hospital in England has a dark and gruesome past. Founded in 1247 by the Italian Bishop Goffredo de Prefetti and built directly over an overflowing sewer was initially intended as a place to collect alms. The monks who worked there wouldContinue reading “Bedlam Hospital”

Trans ALlegheny Lunatic Asylum

Guest Post by Medical Historian and Licensed Nurse Practitioner, Sherry Michaels Perry, you can email her at with questions, comments or story requests. Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum In the sleepy little town of Weston, WV stands a huge Gothic Revival Building. It was built between 1858 and 1881 and at one time consisted ofContinue reading “Trans ALlegheny Lunatic Asylum”

Ancient Dental Quakery

Photo Courtesy of In ancient times it was believed that dental pain was caused by tooth worms that burrowed into your teeth. This was believed until the end of the 17th century. So during the middle ages, people would smear their aching teeth with honey and sit up all night with a pair ofContinue reading “Ancient Dental Quakery”