Break the Stigma During Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month May is Mental Health Awareness Month in North America, and in honor of that, I would like to do my part to “break the stigma” of mental health and mental health discussions. leads the way with the “Break the Stigma” Campaign, and it is a crucial way to bring theseContinue reading “Break the Stigma During Mental Health Awareness Month”

Mental Health Month

Let’s go off script tonight, this is not the Odd Past, but it can be odd for sure. May is mental health awareness month, so this is a perfect time to continue the trend of ending the stigma of mental health. Isn’t that the entire purpose of mental health awareness month? So, I am doingContinue reading “Mental Health Month”

The History of Quack Remedies

An Enlightening History of “Mothers Little Helper” and other historical cures. In the 1800’s there was a rise in the production of quack cures and the peddlers that went door to door selling them. Considering the number of children most women had they were more than excited to buy a bottle of “Mothers Little Helper”Continue reading “The History of Quack Remedies”

The Huntington State Hospital Fire. Huntington, West Virginia 1952. (Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital)

Photo Courtesy of WVDHR Huntington’s Home for Incurables Posted by Medical History Staff Writer Sherry Michaels Perry In 1897 the WV Legislature designated a building and 30 acres of land on Norway Ave as the “Home for the Incurables”. The name has changed a few more times since then from the “WV Asylum” to HuntingtonContinue reading “The Huntington State Hospital Fire. Huntington, West Virginia 1952. (Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital)”

History of Mental Health Treatments

This is a Guest Post from Licensed Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health History Nerd, Sherry Michaels Perry All Photos Courtesy of cvltnation and Americas Most The mental health field has changed a great deal since the 1800’s. Back then, you could be committed for almost any reason. A husband could commit his wife forContinue reading “History of Mental Health Treatments”