The History of Quack Remedies

An Enlightening History of “Mothers Little Helper” and other historical cures. In the 1800’s there was a rise in the production of quack cures and the peddlers that went door to door selling them. Considering the number of children most women had they were more than excited to buy a bottle of “Mothers Little Helper”Continue reading “The History of Quack Remedies”

History of Mental Health Treatments

This is a Guest Post from Licensed Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health History Nerd, Sherry Michaels Perry All Photos Courtesy of cvltnation and Americas Most The mental health field has changed a great deal since the 1800’s. Back then, you could be committed for almost any reason. A husband could commit his wife forContinue reading “History of Mental Health Treatments”

The Polio Epidemic of the Early 20th Century

This is a guest post from Licensed Nurse Practioner and medical history nerd, Sherry Michaels Perry.   In the early 20th century summer was a scary time. Families would isolate themselves in their homes, not allowing their children to play with other children. There would be no public functions and no swimming in an openContinue reading “The Polio Epidemic of the Early 20th Century”

Weird Appalachian Medicine

A guest post by Nurse Practioner, and Appalachian History Researcher, Sherry L. Perry. Some deliciously fried mice for your intestinal issues!   Garlic played a large role in Appalachian Medicine All photos used under share and share alike agreement from wikimedia The Appalachian culture is steeped in folklore and superstition. The rural people of Appalachia often hadContinue reading “Weird Appalachian Medicine”