The Destruction of the Roman Army at Cannae

Total Envelopment: The Destruction of the Roman Army at Cannae By Matthew A. Perry Battle of Cannae Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia   Ancient warfare was much different than the modern form of combat that soldiers know today. Very often, soldiers are hundreds of yards away from each other when hostilities begin, but in ancient warfare,Continue reading “The Destruction of the Roman Army at Cannae”

Adolf Hitler was More Weird Than We All Thought

Strange Facts about Adolf Hitler In my opinion, Adolf Hitler was a monster. How he rose to the position he did and amassed such a following is an enigma to me. Perhaps he just found the right group of people who harbored the same hates and prejudices within them. This is not an article toContinue reading “Adolf Hitler was More Weird Than We All Thought”

The Great Pestilance

The Great Pestilence By Sherry Michaels Perry In the mid-1300’s a devastating plague raged across Europe, leaving millions dead. There was no treatment, and superstition and panic held sway over the helpless population. This was the Bubonic Plague or the Black Death, also known as, The Great Pestilence. It spread quickly and caused rapid death;Continue reading “The Great Pestilance”

Aztec Sacrifices

Staff Writer: J. Perry Why The Aztecs Cut Out Human Hearts What would you do to ensure a good crop yield? Fertilize the soil and water, ensure no pests gobble them up and rip up any pesky weeds? What if I were to tell you some folks would rip out your heart and offer itContinue reading “Aztec Sacrifices”

Scaphism AKA The Boats

Ancient history is fantastic, partly because we can’t verify much of it, so we are left with a massive amount of second-hand knowledge and terrifying tales from the past. Almost all of the ancient civilizations that we study from the past had their version of both corporal and capital punishment. Ancient cultures were twisted andContinue reading “Scaphism AKA The Boats”