The Mysterious Fire in a small West Virginia Town that remains unsolved to this day

A WV Christmas Mystery On Christmas Eve 1945 George and Jennie Sodder were sleeping in their bed after celebrating with 9 of their ten children. They assumed that all their children were tucked safely in their beds and that their house was safe and secure for the night. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and that nightContinue reading “The Mysterious Fire in a small West Virginia Town that remains unsolved to this day”

Adolf Hitler was More Weird Than We All Thought

Strange Facts about Adolf Hitler In my opinion, Adolf Hitler was a monster. How he rose to the position he did and amassed such a following is an enigma to me. Perhaps he just found the right group of people who harbored the same hates and prejudices within them. This is not an article toContinue reading “Adolf Hitler was More Weird Than We All Thought”

Historical Conspiracy Theories: Pearl Harbor Was Allowed

Welcome to our first installment of a new feature here on, historical conspiracy theories. History isn’t always as cut and dry as your history teachers, or the popular media would have you believe, there are still shades of gray in between the white and black of the past. While we will be covering allContinue reading “Historical Conspiracy Theories: Pearl Harbor Was Allowed”

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Dr Drawing Test Subject’s Blood. Wikimedia By: Medical History Staff Writer Sherry Michaels Perry The Tuskegee Experiment of Nazi Germany……no, to my great shame, Macon County Alabama, USA. We have all read of the horrors of the Holocaust and wondered how a human being could be so cruel to another human being, without batting anContinue reading “The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment”